Why use Blue Team?

The mission of Blue Team Consulting is to train and coach leaders to be the best they can be by understanding the 10 Rules of Leadership and how to apply them to become effective leaders. The training has its genesis in the world of high-risk policing where failure to apply the keystones of leadership results in team and organisational failure.

The application of the 10 Rules of Leadership will lead to effective leadership, organisational  alignment and business success for both individuals and teams. Utilising real world high risk operational case studies, the program can immerse participants in planning and operational aspects of the examples and show the direct correlation from high risk policing to business.

Facilitated Discussions Exercises and Operational Reviews will identify opportunities for organisations to develop their leadership capability and capacity.

The benefits of using a BTC strategy for your business include:

-A lean and agile approach to activities:
-Realistic, transparent and objective assessment of your plans, processes and alignment;
-The identification of other risks, threats or opportunities;
-An opportunity to expose unintended consequences of actioning your plans;
-An opportunity to test before failure; and
-A detailed evaluation of your business’s plans, processes and performance.