Why use Blue Team?

Blue Team Consulting (BTC) has been established in response to an identified gap across business and government to have a proven way of testing contingency plans without full scale deployment exercises. BTC recognises the most critical element of an organisation is its people and that people learn best from experience and learning from their mistakes in a safe environment. Ensuring your business is prepared and practiced in responding to crisis, emergencies and disasters will enable better protection for your business, your people, your assets, your supply chain, your stakeholders, your reputation and your organisations resilience.

The BTC approach is to work with your business to build bespoke, challenging test scenarios to evaluate your processes and policies. You will be provided an Evaluation Report which will summarise the critical insights and make recommendations for enhancements to your business/operations.

BTC also offers a service to evaluate any organisations operational response to an issue or incident particularly where outcomes have been unfavorable. And finally a service to support the development or testing of contingency plans or procedures in the event of an active shooting incident within your workplace. Ancillary and supporting topics such as Decision Making, Response Management, Culture, Trust, Leadership, and Counter Terrorism Awareness can be factored into the range of services.