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Counter Terrorism Capability

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Discussion Exercises

Facilitated Discussion Exercises offer you the opportunity for staff to develop skills and experience in a safe environment where emergency response plans can be tested with the added advantage of being able to identify other risks and threat responses.

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Operational Reviews

Has your organisation had to respond to an unexpected crisis and experienced delays in decision making, a lack of situational awareness or a misunderstanding of roles or responsibilities which resulted in adverse outcomes for your organisation?

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Counter Terrorism Capability Development

No longer can we ignore or disregard the potential threat from acts of terrorism or active armed offenders in our workplaces. Conventional security measures can provide some protection, but are you concerned about the impact of threats, actual attacks or active armed offenders within your place of business?

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Blue Team Consulting (BTC) is primarily a national provider of specialist Facilitated Discussion Exercises designed to test contingency plans of government and business to withstand, and respond to, a critical incident, security crisis or disaster.

BTC is focused on testing plans and preparing your workforce to ensure a more resilient business offering you the opportunity to identify threat responses, anticipate opportunities, build staff capability and validate or upgrade your contingency plans.

Additionally BTC can conduct Operational Reviews and Evaluations as well as assisting with emergency planning for a security crisis within your business or organisational workplaces.

Our aim is work with you to ensure your business or organisation is best prepared to meet the challenges of disasters or emergencies within the work environment.

The benefits of using a BTC strategy to test your business include:

A lean and agile approach to activities;
Realistic, transparent and objective assessment of your plans;
The identification of other risks, threats or opportunities;
An opportunity to expose unintended consequences of actioning your plans;
An opportunity to test before failure; and
A detailed evaluation of your business’s plans, processes and performance.